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Fine lines and wrinkles treatment  Photo-ageing is the process by which skin is damaged as a result of exposure to UVA light. The light is absorbed by the dermal component and the vunerable DNA cellular complex is broken down.

Ageing is a predetermined process controlled by genes, so ageing is inevitable, just as is for a super comarade runner to eventually throw in the towel, our cells are destined to become tired, this results in a repeation of tired cells and as a result Dysfunctional cells would produce a break down of elastin fibres and deterioated collagen.End result ,discolouration, lack of elasticity, fine lines, deep wrinkles.

Our treatment protocol aims to change those dysfunctional, deterioated cells into functional, rehabilitated and rejuvenated cells. The skin has an incredible system of growth factors and enables powerful wound healing abilities, as we age these growth factor levels decrease, consequence is visible signs of ageing. Growth factors act as natural messengers that allow communication between cells in our body which is dependant on these specialised growth factors.
Alot of skin clinics out on the market offer protocols to help improve appearance of ageing, very few work and deliver their promise the only objective is to take in your hard earned cash! Our approach on antu-ageing treatments is far superior and completely revolutionising. Our aim is to infuse prescribed Nano Lyposomal Components into the skin to help specialised growth factors within the skin transmit a message of rejuvenation and healing. We effectively transform the DNA of a deterioated cell into a healthy rejuvenated cell, therefore once upon a time our skin ability to produce collagen and elastin was reduced to the stigma of "old age is catching up with you". We can now reverse the ageing process.

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