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Pigmentation is the term used for hyper pigmentation or abnormal increased pigmentation.
There are various forms of hyperpigmentation namely:                                                
Freckles, Sunspots, Uneven skintone, Inflammation elasma, Hormonal, Pigmentation due to sun exposure, Abrasive skin care treatments, Acne pigmentation.

When you as a patient comes to us with a problem, you see on the surface of your skin known as the stranum corneum, we know as Qualified Medical Practioners the problem is not on the top, its underneath.

Our treatment protocol is designed to effectively correct the disfunctional DNA Nature of those cells to improve the underlying structures with correct dosage of Nano Lyposomal skin lightening and high concentrations, clinically proven tyrosinase inhibitors initiated by trained Medical Skin Therapist for Safety and Efficency, definately one will notice reduction in the appearance of pigmentation to a large extent. The treatment is aimed to infuse high strength formulars into the deep layers of the skin, treatment protocol together with maintenance creams inhibits the Melanin cycle and breaks the chain reaction.

Our medical practioner recommends after care products and sunblock prescribed by our consultants during skin evaluation of the trained eye to achieve patient satisfaction.Our treatment as well as post care are free of any steroids or hydrquinone. It is safe, pain free and offer immediate results, a treatment protocol of 3-6 sessions is usually recommended and beneficial for optimum results.Visible results would be noticed in 7 days. The treatment protocol and after care products would improve the appearance of complexion within 8 weeks.

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