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AESTHETIC PIGMENTATION TREATMENTS High strength formulars infused to stablise tryonase conductors and inhibits production of melanin, lightening and treating uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and deep melasma. TCA maintain with after care products.

Skin Lightening Peels @R620
Classic Radiance @R850 Micro Needling/Dermapen @R1250

Skin Ligthening Peels X6 @R2000
Micro Needling X4 @R3000

AESTHETIC AGE REVERSAL/SKIN TIGHTEN TREATMENTS Works at molecular levels aimed to revitalise cells, enhancing cellular turn over, build and fortify skins own natural collagen and provide a well supported matrix for a truly lifted, firmer, wrinkle free, beautiful looking appearance.

Age Reverse @R850
Micro Needling/ Dermapen @R1500
Aesthetic Lift @R1750

Micro Needling X4 @R5500
Alift X6 @R7500
Alift X10 @R15000

AESTHETIC REJUVENATION TREATMENTS To address all signs of age, poor texture, bring to light dull skin, restores youthful radiance and suppleness by polishing the skin with essential amino acids and vitamins.

Clarifying Acne @R850
Ultra Hydrating @R850
Collagen Boosting and Firming @R850

Glycolic @R620
TCA @R620
Salicylic @R620
Antioxidant Booster @R200
Clarifying Booster @R200

AESTHETIC SCAR REPAIR AND WOUND HEALING Voted most preferred treatment by patients who desired a healthy looking skin, treating acne scars, stretch marks, post operation scarring, including kyloid scars and cesarian.

-Acne Scar @R800 per session
-Stretch Marks from R400 - R800 per session
-Post Operation Scarring including kyloids from R400 – R800

-Acne x6 sessions @R4200
-Stretch Marks x5 sessions@R2500
-Stretch Marks x10 sessions @R5500
-Post Operation including Kyloids x6 sessions @R3600

(WAXING/THREADING)- Eyebrow or upperlip or chin @R60
- Sides of face @R60
- Eyebrow and upperlip combo @R100
- Eyebrow, upperlip and chin combo @R150
- Full Face @R200

-Eyebrow Tint @R75
-Eyelash Tint @R75
-Eyebrow and Eyelash tint combo @R130

DEEP CLEANSE FACIAL A potent blend of bionic extracts and all natural active ingredients. Looking to spoil a loved one?
This is a perfect must, harmonizing protocol to treat trivial conditions.

Clarifying @R400 Hydrating @R400

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